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Cold Plasma

The Cold Plasma is a new technology. By applying the original method to release the plasma to the air and spread them across the room, the air is clean efficiently. There are 3 excellent advantages in this technology; they are high efficiency, durable and environmental friendly:
  • It has been found that the sterilization rate of the plasma is more than 95%.
  • The Plasma method is durable and can be use for a long period comparing to others sterilizing agent.
  • It will not provide Ozone as compare to Hot Plasma.

Compared with other air cleaning technology

Name Sterilizing effect Working life Minus effect and limiting condition for using
Cold plasma Excellent Long lasting (more than 6 years) None
Hot plasma
(such as arc discharge lighting plasma)
Long lasting Easy to produce the ozone
Photocatalyst, cold accelerant Excellent
Medium (Invalid sterilization due to the long run) Depend on the lighting or normal temperature katalysis, the sterilizing effect will be reduced
Name Sterilizing effect Working life Minus effect and limiting condition for using
Negative oxyanion (negative ion) Poor
Long lasting The black effect (the wall near the negative ion generator will turn to black colour)
Ultraviolet light Better
Long lasting Harmful to the body, need to install the protective device
Active carbon air filters Poor
(only can filter the air, eliminate the harmful gas)
Medium (Invalid sterilization due to the long run) Need to change, otherwise it can cause the secondary pollution

The Principle and concept of Cold Plasma

Under the definite pressure, along with the temperature rising, the substance could be changed from solid state to the liquid state and at last to the gaseous state. When the temperature keeps increasing, the thermal movement of molecule in gaseous state will be increased, when the temperature reached at a certain degree, the atom in the molecule will obtain sufficient energy and start to separate. This process of molecule splitting into atom when heated is called the Dissociation. If the temperature keeps up rising further, the outer electron of atom would get rid of the attraction of atomic nucleus and turn into the free electron. This process of which the atom has lost the electron is called the Ionization.

Besides thermal ionization, heating also causes the charged particle to accelerate in the electric field. When the charged particle collided with gas atom, energy exchange happened. This process is called Collision Ionization. This is the basic principle of Cold Plasma.