Warranty Policy

Warranty Conditions

  1. We warranty our product from manufacturing defects under normal operating conditions & service.
    Compressor (1hp to 2.75hp - only limited to one compressor within warranty period). 5 years
    Compressor (3hp to 6.0hp - only limited to one compressor within warranty period) 2 years
    Other parts 2 years
    Portable Air Conditioner (only limited to one compressor within warranty period) 1 year
    Air Curtain 1 year
    The replacement of the parts, compressor and service fees are free within the first year (12 months) of warranty. 1 year
    For the remaining years we only provide the compressor or parts. The service fees, charging of refrigerant and other charges shall be bear by the customer. --

  2. The warranty of the product only valid under the following conditions.
    • The product is installed within MALAYSIA.
    • The warranty card must be produce during warranty period.
    • The product are regularly service by our authorized dealer or authorized service contractor.
    • The refrigerant piping size, wiring are in accordance to our specifications.

  3. The warranty shall be void under the following conditions.
    • The warranty card cannot be produced when claims are made.
    • The serial number are altered, tempered or removed.
    • The product that has been modified.
    • Damage caused by defective wiring or interuptions or fluctuations in the electrical power supply or caused by abnormal voltage from the generator.
    • Units installed are inaccesible by the service technician.
    • The product that coupled with other brand.
    • Damages resulting from act of God such as fire, lightning strike or flood.
    • Relocate the equipment to another premise.
    • Defects are caused by household pests (lizard, rat, cockroach, etc) and also caused by chemical reaction, excessive heat, excessive dust, corrosive surroundings.(factory, farm, restaurent, etc.)

  4. This warranty registration card must be correctly completed and returned to Koolman International (M) Sdn Bhd within 10 (ten) days from date of purchase. Warranty is not transferable and is valid only after signed and stamped by an authourised KOOLMAN Dealer.

Registration of Warranty Card

The warranty card should send to KoolMan International(M) Sdn Bhd for processing.

Warranty Card Information Required.
You should ensure that the following details are in your warranty card:

  1. Model No.
  2. Serial No.
  3. Customer Name
  4. Customer Address
  5. Contact. No.
  6. Dealer's Stamp
  7. Date of Purchase
  8. E-mail Addresss (If any)